Acrylic nail extensions

Cultivate nail confidence with our acrylic nail extension treatments. Let our therapists shape your nails to flatter your personal style, before choosing from a range of polish finishes for a look exclusive to you.

Acrylic nails full set colour
  • 70 eur
Acrylic nails full set French finish
  • 75 eur
Acrylic nails full set Ombre finish
  • 80 eur
Acrylic nails full set with Shellac over
  • 90 eur
Acrylic refill colour finish
  • 50 eur
Acrylic refill French finish
  • 55 eur
Acrylic refill Ombre finish
  • 60 eur
Acrylic refill with Shellac over
  • 70 eur
Acrylic removal + Shellac finish
  • 48 eur
Acrylic removal + Gelish finish
  • 54 eur
Acrylic removal + Emi lac
  • 55 eur