Eyelash extensions

Frame your eyes and enhance your beauty with eyelash extensions. Bring volume or subtly complement your eye shape with our individual extensions, or boost your natural lashes with the highly sought after Elleebana Lash Lift treatment. Please note this service requires a patch test.

Half set lashes
  • 60min
  • 55 eur
Full set lashes
  • 90min
  • 80 eur
Soft volume lashes
  • 60min
  • 60 eur
Russian volume lashes
  • 150min
  • 130 eur
Half set lash refill
  • 45min
  • 35 eur
Full set lash refill
  • 75min
  • 55 eur
Soft volume lash refill
  • 45min
  • 40 eur
Russian volume lash refill
  • 120min
  • 90 eur
Lash removal
  • 15min
  • 20 eur
Lash lift + Botox
  • 75min
  • 70 eur

Take your lashes to new heights with the innovative  lash lift treatment. Using silicone rods, lashes are lifted and curled from the base, enhancing natural beauty for a bright-eyed appearance lasting up to 12 weeks.