Camillen 60 Pedicure

Camillen 60 combines proven and traditional natural ingredients along with the latest innovations from cosmetic research to insure outstanding product quality and effectiveness. Formulations are based on the latest dermatological findings and characterized by an optimal efficacy and skin tolerability. All the Camillen 60 products are designed and developed in close cooperation with German podiatrists and chiropodists. 

Rest and recuperate whilst we breathe life back into your tired feet. A relaxing Camillen 60 Zimt&Orange salt bath, we will continue with a unique Aloe-Olive Peeling gel that removes dry and flaking skin, revealing soft and smooth soles, followed by callus work, nail clipping, filling and cuticle work for healthy looking toes. Aloe-Olive lotion is massaged into your feet to repair and enrich with essential moisture, finishing off with a paint of polish.

  • CND Vinylux polish finish €5 Extra each
  • French Polish Finish €7 Extra each
  • Collagen Socks €10 Extra
  • Collagen Gloves €10 Extra
  • Shellac Finish for Colour €35 Extra each
  • Shellac Finish for French €40 Extra each
  • EMI Lac Finish for Colour €40 Extra each
  • EMI Lac Finish for French €45 Extra each
  • EMI Lac Removal €15 Extra each
  • Shellac Removal €15 Extra each


Summer fragrance and holiday vibe starts here, with our full spa pedicure and manicure!

With our spa package you’ll be pampered by our expert nail technicians. Our manicure involves detailed shape and cuticle work on top of a strengthening bath to reinforce your nails. This is followed by a lightly exfoliating scrub, full of natural protein peelings, working to restore the protective skin layer. Finish with an enriching massage with a moisturizer and polish of your choice.

Our pedicure includes a relaxing Jacuzzi bath, with a unique blend of herbs and essential oils, allowing you to unwind. This is followed by callus work, nail clipping, filing and cuticle work for healthy-looking toes. Pedi exfoliating foot scrub removes dry and flaking skin, revealing soft and smooth soles. Pedi Skin protectant lotion is massaged into your feet to repair and enrich with essential moisture, finishing off with a paint of polish.

CND Vinylux polish finish €5 Extra each
French Polish Finish €7 Extra each
Collagen Socks €10 Extra
Collagen Gloves €10 Extra
Shellac Finish for Colour €35 Extra each
Shellac Finish for French €40 Extra each
EMI Lac Finish for Colour €40 Extra each
EMI Lac Finish for French €45 Extra each
EMI Lac Removal €15 Extra each
Shellac Removal €15 Extra each

Complimentary C Vitamin Booster with 6 Step Hydrafacial

HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs . Suitable for various skin types, this exceptional facial treatment combines the powerful antioxidant properties of Vitamin C to combat signs of aging, enhance skin radiance, and promote a more uniform skin tone.


Please note that it is contraindicated to use Retinol, any acid peel in home care products and aspirin use has to be stopped at least 3-4 days before treatment. Hydrafacial is not suitable if you have allergy to shellfish or during pregnancy.

*Available while stocks last

Kobido Face Massage

Don`t miss the oportunity to try our Kobido Face Massage. Smooth, firm skin without imperfections in the form of wrinkles is the dream of many women and men.

Kobido is a precious Japanese facial massage, which improves comfort and health. Reputed to be the youthful massage par excellence, the gentle rhythm and regularity of the gestures ensure a feeling of deep relaxation and bring back life to dull, tired and aged faces.

This highly effective technique covers the face, shoulders and neck and is considered as an alternative to many aesthetic medicine treatments. It is lymphatic drainage and a lifting face massage. During its implementation, the specialist focuses on the elimination of tensions and restoring the functions of the muscles.

Such deep tissue massage allows you to observe the results after the first session, but to maintain them, the treatments should be repeated in a cycle agreed with the therapist. The masseur will focus on the muscles of the shoulders, neckline, neck, head and face.

Kobido massage is not recommended if you have:



•Skin condition 


Results: improved blood and lymph circulation, smoother, more complex skin color, decreased wrinkles, firmer skin, clearer oval, relaxed facial and neck muscles. In addition, Kobido facial massage is praised as one of the most effective natural skin treatment methods for improving the condition of the skin and slowing down the aging process. The number of massage sessions is selected individuall


The anti-aging, radiant, unifying treatmentfor a sublimated skinA new professional radiance-enhancing, anti-ageing and unifying facial treatment.Between medicine and aesthetics, VITAMINE C25 perfectly combines effectiveness and sensoriality thanks to the combination of a peel containing 30% glycolic acid and the new professional SERUM C25 ampoule containing 25% stable Vitamin C1.

Results proven in 60 minutes, confirmed by clinical measurements: From the 1st treatment, 100% of wrinkles are less visible, the skin is more elastic. 

This new Vitamine C25 treatment is a radiance-enhancing, anti-aging & unifying treatment that takes place in 10 major steps.

Between medicine and aesthetics, this facial perfectly combines effectiveness and sensoriality.

It benefits from a new exclusive professional product: Serum C25, containing 25% stable Vitamin C*.

A TREATMENT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES  Vitamin C25 is a treatment for men and women of all ages. It is perfect for dull, tired skin, with signs of photoaging or pigmentation spots.

ASAP Glow Up Facial + Complimentary Neck and Shoulder Massage

Sometimes all we need is a little pampering to help us feel better…

Rebalance stressed and dehydrated skin with ASAP Glow Up Facial.

ASAP  facial treatments are designed to strengthen and protect your skin . Combining professional expertise with innovative technologies, their science-backed treatments are proven to effectively target specific skin issues.

Choosing a treatment to address your needs has never been easier. Whether that’s dryness, pigmentation or sun damage,  the ASAP range ensures there’s a facial catered for your skin type.

Enjoy a moment of bliss with our complimentary Neck and Shoulder Massage. Targeting areas of specific tension, muscles are relieved under the gliding motion of healing hands for a sense of renewal.


Rescue tired nails with this intensely restorative manicure, designed to create beautiful and healthy nails.

Restore and strengthen your nails by giving them a break from Shellac / E.MiLac Gel Polish.

This manicure includes complimentary removal of your E.MiLac Gel polish or shellac , followed by detailed cuticle work. Revitalise your skin and nails with a gentle scrub and soothing cream.Finish the manicure with a therapeutic Nail Tek foaming skin polish or colour polish of your choice. 

-Add on BIAB Removal instead for an additional €10

Emi Pedicure (CND Vinylux included)

Emi Pedicure is a delicate and pleasant treatment, which gives a new shine and an extraordinary softness to the feet.

This luxury foot treatment will completely change your perception of pedicures and foot care. 

Firstly, we will soak your feet in emi foaming foot soak to soften your skin and relax your feet. Following the soak, we will apply urea based exfoliating foam to the most hard skin affected areas of your feet. This special foam provides long-term skin smoothness and hydration and assists in giving you the best result possible during the hard skin removal process. 

Full pedicure will follow, including the cutting and filing of nails, gentle buffing, detailed cuticle work, and callus removal. Also, skin exfoliation with emi crystal scrubbing paste - its melting texture will smooth out skin and complexion, leaving it soft and moisturized. Not to mention the gentle foot massage with intensely repairing and hydrating cream. And finally, the colour polish of your choice or nail strengtener to top it all off.

-French polish finish 7eur extra
-Collagen Socks 10eur extra
-Shellac Finish for Colour 35eur extra
-Shellac Finish for French 40eur extra
-EMI Lac finish for Colour 40eur extra
-EMI Lac finish for French 45eur extra
-Shellac /Gel Polish removal 15e extra
-Fifth Avenue Flip Flops 15e extra

Lash Lift, Eyebrow shape and Tint

Take your lashes to new heights with the innovative  lash lift treatment. Using silicone rods, lashes are lifted and curled from the base, enhancing natural beauty for a bright-eyed appearance lasting up to 12 weeks. While having your eyelashes treated why not to enjoy the eyebrow shape at the same time?

Please note, this service requires a patch test.

Lifting Pre-Party Facial

The latest Fifth Avenue in house creation - Pre-Party Facial treatment!

The treatment:

Yon-Ka Optimizer range restores the skin and brightens the complexion, smoothens the wrinkles and deep lines. At the same time face is given immediate lifting effect - with no injection.

Treatment includes cleansing, light chemical peel. Later, included radio frequency tightens and contours the face which is followed by special lifting face massage. At the very end, algae Yon-Ka masque is applied to compliment previous steps and set the skin for the occasion. 


Lifting face massage helps to stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the skin which helps to eliminate excess of fluids.

Radio frequency helps to shrink collagen fibers to help improve the signs of the wrinkles and sagging skin. Overall, this treatment works as “personal trainer” for your skin.