Take the weight off and relax back whilst our experienced therapists tend to your tired feet. Indulging you with revitalising aromatherapy treatments, our carefully curated pedicures soothe your soles for total foot revival.

Mini Pedicure
  • 30min
  • 20 eur

Treat your feet to a quick refresh with our Mini Pedicure. This express pampering treatment starts with an energising sea salt bath, followed by nail clipping, filing and a polish of your choice.

5th Avenue pedicure
  • 45min
  • 45 eur

Rest and recuperate whilst we breathe life back into your tired feet. A relaxing Jacuzzi bath, with a unique blend of herbs and essential oils, allows you to unwind, followed by callus work, nail clipping, filling and cuticle work for healthy looking toes. Pedi exfoliating foot scrub removes dry and flaking skin, revealing soft and smooth soles. Pedi Skin protectant lotion is massaged into your feet to repair and enrich with essential moisture, finishing off with a paint of polish.

VIP Pedicure
  • 70min
  • 67 eur

Revel in the VIP lifestyle as you bathe your feet in a luxurious lotus bath. Following the soak, your feet are treated to a rejuvenating exfoliation using our house blended sea salt scrub. An illuminating almond masque moisturises and stimulates circulation, bringing life back to your feet. A massage follows using an intensely moisturising protein-rich almond oil. This pedicure includes polish of your choice.

Coconut Pedicure
  • 60min
  • 55 eur

Submerge you feet into a moisturising bath of soothing warm coconut milk delivering deep nourishment. Your nails will be filled and buffed, with cuticles removed and cracked heels softened with a pedi-blade and foot file. Coconut scrub awaits, exfoliating rough and dry skin, while pedi coconut pineapple lotion will moisturise your feet to rejuvenated bliss. Polish included.

SPA Orange Pedicure
  • 50min
  • 52 eur

Experience true invigoration with a warming cranberry-orange sea salt bath that awakens the senses and soothes your soles. Cranberry derived enzymes, along with orange fruit acids, are designed to gently remove keratinised dead skin cells and calluses. A super fine honey-mandarin scrub awaits you next, stimulating the senses with therapeutic aromatherapy. Cranberry-orange luxury lotion is massaged in to your feet to help repair dry and damaged skin for intense, long-lasting hydration. Finally, toe nails will be filed and polished.

Mommy-to-be Pedicure
  • 70min
  • 65 eur

Relax back and take the weight off as our experienced technicians tend to your tired feet. An essential oil blend of ylang ylang with fresh juicy slices of lemon and orange work to relieve swelling. Feet are exfoliated with creamy conditioning scrub, as well as slices of lemon and lime in bath, stimulating blood flow. A moisturising masque and towel wrap follows, aiding circulation and giving you an energy boost, with a refreshing moisturising grapefruit lotion massage to reduce swelling for total revitalisation. Nail care and polish are also included in this treatment.

Mojito Mint Pedicure
  • 60min
  • 55 eur

Energize your feet with this tantalizing Mojito Mint Pedicure. The aromas of fresh mint and peppermint essential oil will awaken your senses. Callus work leaves your feet smooth and renewed as well as exfoliation with energising mint-cucumber scrub followed by our moisturising mojito lotion to re-hydrate. Finally, we’ll prepare your nails for the perfect polish application.

Princess in Paradise pedicure
  • 30min
  • 22 eur

(For girls under 16)

Let us treat your princess with our pampering pedicure designed for delicate feet. Gentle preening means toenails are cut, shaped and buffed, avoiding cuticle work. A light coconut lotion massage follows and nails are coated with a polish of her choice. She is finally crowned with nail art on her big toes.

Lycon pedicure
  • 75min
  • 67 eur

Soothe, smooth and strengthen feet with our Lycon Pedicure. Natural vitamins and botanical extracts are fortified with Hyaluronic Acid, Fruit AHAs and Shea Butter for an intensely hydrating and nourishing treatment. Soak your soles in a refreshing Lyco’pedi soak to relieve tired feet, followed by Lyco’pedi callus softener. Full callus and cuticle work are next before exfoliating and moisturising the feet using Lyco’pedi scrub and lotion. Lastly, a deeply hydrating mask locks in hydration followed by polish of your choice.

Collagen Pedicure
  • 75min
  • 80 eur

Infuse your feet with deeply restoring argan oil and a collagen rich emulsion. Infused into self-activating socks, these nutrients penetrate and moisturise the skin. Heated boots will warm up your toes while having collagen socks on. The intensive, antiseptic formula hydrates and softens cuticles, fortifying the feet from the inside out. Full pedicure will follow, including the cutting and filing of nails, gentle buffing, detailed cuticle work and callus removal with a polish of your choice.

Voesh Pedicure
  • 60min
  • 55 eur

Gift your feet complete restoration with our skin enriching Voesh Pedicure. A sea mineral salt soak is followed by a foot scrub, mud masque and massage lotion, delivering essential nutrients to relieve tired feet. Choose from 14 refreshing scents, including Olive Sensation, Vitamin Recharge, Lavender Relieve, Lemon Quench and many others. Let us take care of calluses and cuticles, finishing with polish for a total transformation.

VOESH Glimmer Pedicure
  • 70min
  • 62 eur

Luxurious VOESH Glimmer pedicure includes golden soak, sugar scrub , mud mask, cooling gel and massage butter. Each packet is prepared for one person only.

MAVEX callus peel pedicure
  • 75min
  • 75 eur

Mavex is the latest Swiss pedicure system which removes hard and callused skin simply and rapidly. Without the use of blades this revolutionary pedicure eliminates the pain and discomfort caused by hard skin. We begin by soaking your feet in a luxurious warm water bath, this helps to aid the skin softening process, we then apply the CALLUS PEELING patches on to the callused area of your feet, the extraordinary power of Swiss Alpine mountains begins to dissolve and breakdown the hard skin without causing any pain or discomfort to you in the process. While the Mavex patches are working we will preform full cuticle detailing and nail filing. After 15 mins we gently remove the hard skin using a Mavex foot spatula before polishing the softened skin with a foot file. Mavex foot daily care cream is then applied which contains Gentian, Blueberry and alpine Spruce and gives your feet wonderful freshness, lightness and a deep sense of well being.